Continuous monitoring of your environment allows customers to detection vulnerabilities and configuration mistakes as they occur. 

Using the Reconcilor for Threat Hunting

The basis of the Threat Hunting methodology is that you assume as a starting point of the investigation, that your company has already been compromised.  Attack Surface Management is similar in that it helps you see your external presence from the perspective of an attacker.  

Do you know your Attack Surface?

3wSecurity is a cybersecurity company helping customers to understand their business' internet presence from the perspective of an adversary.

While the Reconcilor is an overall platform for Attack Surface Management, it can also be very useful in the Threat Hunting Methodology.  The Reconcilor automates the internet surface discovery process and ranks the overall exposure / risk of your internet facing systems.  This allows the Threat Hunter to better understand where to start their investigation from an external perspective.

Besides Network, Port and IP information, the Reconcilor also identifies ownership information and connected networks such as third parties, social media links and website information such as login portals, and various web hosting technologies.

As part of the Threat Hunting process, you should understand the risk levels of your networks and related third party networks.  The Reconcilor can run various reputation and risk classification algorithms to help identify additional clues that might be helpful in detecting compromise indicators.    


The Reconcilor can be connected to vulnerability scan data across multiple vendors which allows you to layer that data against your asset information. This provides a consolidated view of your vulnerabilities along side your identified assets.  Furthermore, you can even add findings manual pentests, audits as well as self-identified issues.

The Reconcilor platform can provide an excellent source of information to aid in the threat hunting process.  One of the biggest issues with threat hunting is how much time it can consume.  What’s nice about the Reconcilor is that we automate most of the discovery and data composition aspects of your internet presence, which then gives the security professional time to focus on the more complicated process of threat hunting.


Attack Surface Management

Most security professionals understand the concept of layered security controls.  The Reconcilor Solution enables companies to improve the overall integrity of their security program by effectively integrating those multi-layered controls. 

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