The Reconcilor Solution

The Reconcilor Solution is 3wSecurity’s Attack Surface Management software combined with managed security service options. 

Our proprietary technology combines advanced data reconnaissance and analytic intelligence to streamline workloads, better understand your attack surfaces, and manage your internet risk in one place.


Our Attack Surface Management Solution has the following features designed to significantly enhance your vulnerability management program:

Attack Surface Management

Change Detection

Internet Security Consulting

Continuous Monitoring

On-Demand Penetration Testing

Compliance Oversight

Improves asset management of internet systems

Provides visibility across the entire security lifecycle

Reduces overall exposure time of vulnerabilities

Increased productivity of security management team

Our software compliments our external penetration testing services by providing a holistic and continuous approach to your organization’s external network awareness and compliance reporting needs. 

The result is a proactive and prevention-oriented approach that will provide your company with end to end visibility across the entire security life cycle.

Many of our competitors claim to provide attack surface management but are more applicable to attack surface mapping which is only one part of the process of securing your attack surface.
From penetration testing and attack surface consulting, to general risk management, the solution helps companies focus on improving the security posture of their internet facing assets.  We often find that very simple changes can greatly reduce internet risks as identified through attack surface reduction techniques. 

We use our unique IP combined with industry standard network detection techniques and machine learning algorithms to enhance your existing security program.

We can integrate manual pentest data, audit findings, vulnerability scans and self-identified vulnerabilities to provide full view of the risk profile.  This gives our customers a platform to effectively manage their attack surface compliance as well as streamline the entire vulnerability management process.

Periodic review of your vulnerability management program and key company processes will help identify opportunities for process improvement, apply automation, and improve overall success of your security program. 


Solution Summary

​“The Reconcilor”, is a comprehensive security software solution that enables companies to manage their internet facing systems and reduce their overall risk.


"The Reconcilor" solution compliments our external penetration testing services by providing a holistic and continuous approach to your organization’s external network awareness and compliance reporting needs. 


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