Pricing: The Reconcilor

The Reconcilor can be priced as a full solution or as part of another service, such as a cyber risk assessment, penetration test, Splunk implementation or our audit preparation service.  


All configurations of the Reconcilor Solution include a hosted cloud-based platform for managing your attack surface.  Every customer will have access to the compliance and vulnerability management framework.  We consider customer service to be our number one priority and therefore offer free support at all service levels.


Our Gold offering includes all the benefits of our Core Service along with “Attack Surface Consulting”, “On-demand Vulnerability Scanning” and “Quarterly Vulnerability Reporting.”  Our security professionals will assist customers in assessing their overall internet risk and will provide guidance on how to best secure their digital assets. The goal of this service is to provide an on-going Internet Risk Assessment so that companies will know the state of their internet security at any given point in time.


Our Platinum offering includes all the benefits of our Core and Gold Services along with an Annual Pentest, On-demand Pen-testing and integration of their vulnerability data.  With this option, customers will get the benefit of an annual pen-test, on-demand pen-testing, as well as our attack surface management solution at a fraction of the price.

The on-demand pen-testing can help customers meet the PCI requirements of post-change testing as well as provide testing of newly discovered assets that show up midway through the security testing lifecycle. 

With the Platinum offering we will also help customers to integrate their vulnerability scanning data so that it can be compared against their attack surface, which will provide an overall inclusive vulnerability management solution.


Our Diamond offering includes all the benefits of our Core, Gold and Platinum Services along with Bi-Annual Pen-testing, Custom API integrations as well as Integration into Splunk for those customers with existing Splunk implementations. 

Our integrated Reconcilor/Splunk Solution provides a feed of attack surface information into the Spunk Platform for additional analysis capability and allows customers to augment their existing company data with their Attack Surface related data. 

With the Diamond offering, customer assistance will be provided to achieve API integration to other services related to information security.  Up to 3 python-based API scripts are included with this offering. 


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