• John Survant

Penetration Testing as a Service

Pentesting as a service is quickly becoming a more advantageous way of securing a company’s internet presence. While the degree of protection needed for each business differs, one thing is clear. We are not doing enough; else the rate of cyber security breach would start to slow down.

Continuous Pentesting

More and more companies are starting to offer pentesting as a service that provides testing throughout the year. The main issue with this offering without a supporting platform is that how are you as a customer able to understand when work is being done and which assets have been tested? Having some sort of platform to share this information is essential.

Audits and Regulations

As a customer you may be subject to audits and various regulations such as: PCI, HiTrust, SOC2 and CMMC. You’ll need a solution that covers testing after changes occur, as well as be able to identify that testing requirements and timelines have been met. This is where a good platform can add lots of value.

Monitoring for Change

The real challenge is catching vulnerabilities before they are released or quickly thereafter, reducing your overall time of exposure. This is where a good attack surface management platform can give you an edge on detecting vulnerabilities as they occur.

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