What's more dangerous: the known or unknown?

​In today’s threat environment, which is constantly changing faster than ever, understanding your digital attack surface has never been more important.  

Most companies struggle to maintain an accurate inventory of their internet facing systems.  This information is critical to the overall process of protecting your company’s digital assets.

Do you know your Attack Surface?

3wSecurity is a cybersecurity company helping customers to understand their business' internet presence from the perspective of an adversary.

One of the biggest problems security and infrastructure teams struggle with is maintaining an accurate inventory of their internet facing assets (systems).  Obviously, this presents a major challenge for security managers because they cannot secure what they don’t know exists. 


A company’s digital attack surface extends beyond the internal network to the outer limits of the internet, where traditional security measures have no visibility and attackers find opportunity.  This is why Attack Surface Management is quickly becoming a non-optional part of your security program.

Attack Surface Management (ASM) sits somewhere in the middle of Risk Management, Vulnerability Management, Asset Management and Compliance.  

ASM provides a new way of handling an old problem. You can think of it as the glue binding together a multi-layered security framework.  Attack Surface Management can be an effect lever to significantly improve your security program if used to its full potential

Asset Management

The Reconcilor helps network administrators identify their external entry points and track their overall internet presence.

Shadow IT

Protects against unknown risks and gives and extensive pictures of your internet facing systems as well as third party exposure.

Digital Life Cycle

Once new assets are detected, it is important to have those systems tested for security issues. The Reconcilor helps network administrators track their testing and remediation efforts. 

Change Detection

Continuous monitoring of your environment allows customers to detection vulnerabilities and configuration mistakes as they occur. 

Risk Management

Effectively manage risk by continuous discovery of your internet facing systems while consulting with our attack surface professionals on findings and identified risk.


Reduce your overall exposure by implementing a no-fail security model through integration of data related to your internet assets and compliance requirements.

Attack Surface Management

Most security professionals understand the concept of layered security controls.  The Reconcilor Solution enables companies to improve the overall integrity of their security program by effectively integrating those multi-layered controls. 

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