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Is Failure Ever an Option?

3wSecurity is a cybersecurity company that helps organizations do business securely over the World Wide Web.  We offer software, services, and consulting to companies looking for an affordable and reliable approach to internet security. 


Our philosophy is that cybersecurity is a “No Fail” mission, and we must provide the tools and services to protect our clients' digital assets, as the future of their business depends on it!

3wSecurity is a values-based company whose goal is to become a trusted advisor and customer favorite in cybersecurity.  

The Reconcilor

​3wSecurity is one of the few companies pioneering the cybersecurity space of “Attack Surface Management.”  Our solution, “The Reconcilor,” provides visibility to your company’s internet facing systems throughout the security life cycle, allowing for a more thorough approach to vulnerability management.  

3wSecurity’s premier product is "The Reconcilor," an attack surface management software that monitors and detects everything associated with your company on the internet, bringing visibility and transparency to your digital attack surface so that you can manage, mitigate, and mediate cybersecurity risks.

While annual penetration tests and monthly security scans have their place, "The Reconcilor" is designed to bridge the gaps not covered by these traditional security controls.  

“The Reconcilor” is a comprehensive security software solution that enables you to manage your internet facing systems and reduce your overall risk.


Cybersecurity Offerings

3wSecurity is a cybersecurity company offering a wide range of services to Information Security Managers.  Using a risk-based approach, we are helping leaders to focus on what’s important, so that you can get a strong return on your security investments.  Services can be fully customized to meet the needs of your business. 


Software Solutions

Splunk is an extremely powerful platform with almost unlimited potential. Splunk can drastically improve your security and infrastructure visibility, increase product availability, and even monitor and optimize key business processes.  Whatever the use case, we can help your organization to maximize your Splunk investment.

Splunk Associate Partner

CMMC Readiness

3wSecurity is in the process of registering with the CMMC accreditation body and acquiring the training necessary to become a Registered Provider Organization (RPO).  

Once this process is complete, we will be officially approved to assist companies in the process of preparing for the CMMC audit, which must be performed by a separate organization called a C3PAO. 

3wSecurity consultants have a long history of helping organizations to prepare for certifications such as SOC2, PCI, and HITRUST, as well as maintaining compliance to industry regulations like HIPAA, FCRA, GLBA and GDPR.

We help you to focus your effort and activities in the right areas so that the overall mission of security and privacy is successful, while compliance requirements are met.  

Internet Security Services

Our offerings are designed to protect your business in the ways that are most important so that you can run your business with confidence, knowing that your systems and infrastructure are protected.



Attack Surface Management

web of internet security points

Understand your attack surface so that you can better defend your company’s internet presence and digital assets.

On-Demand Pen-Testing

Keyboard of Penetration Tester

3wSecurity provides penetration testing on-demand, which allows testing of changes as they occur.

Cyber Risk Assessment

Professional Female Securit Manager

We have the qualifications and expertise to help you plan and defend against even the most sophisticated cyber-attacks.