Helping customers do business securely over the

World Wide Web!

3wSecurity is a cybersecurity consulting company who helps organizations do business securely over the World Wide Web.  We offer software, services and consulting to companies looking for an affordable and reliable approach to internet security. 


Our goal is to help managers make sensible decisions when designing their security program while avoiding wasteful processes and unnecessary costs.

No-Fail Security Model

Call the experts when failure is not an option!

Information security is often compared to insurance, but in fact its quite different.  Insurance protects you once an incident occurs, whereas your security program tries to prevent it from happening in the first place. 


Cyber insurance typically does not cover brand damage and certainly will not cover fines related to compliance or unmet legal obligations. 

Our philosophy is that cybersecurity is a “No Fail” mission, and we must provide the tools and services to protect our client’s digital assets at all costs, as the future of their business often depends on it!

3wSecurity is a values-based company whose goal is to become a trusted advisor and customer favorite in cybersecurity.  

​3wSecurity is one of the few companies pioneering the cybersecurity space of “Attack Surface Management.”  Our solution “The Reconcilor”, provides visibility to your company’s internet facing systems throughout the security life cycle, allowing for a more thorough approach to vulnerability management.  

3wSecurity’s premier product is the Reconcilor, an attack surface management software that monitors and detects everything associated with your company on the internet, both legitimate and malicious, bringing visibility and transparency to your digital attack surface so that you can manage, mitigate, and mediate risk and vulnerabilities.

While annual penetration tests and monthly security scans have their place, "The Reconcilor" is designed to bridge the gaps not covered by these traditional security controls.  

“The Reconcilor”, is a comprehensive security software solution that enables companies to manage their internet facing systems and reduce their overall risk.

Attack Surface Management

The Reconcilor

Security Consulting

3wSecurity is a cybersecurity company offering solutions and services that enable customers to do business securely over the internet.  From privacy and compliance to technical design, we provide expertise and guidance to companies as they build and mature their security program.

Cyber Risk Assessment

People, processes and technology are the core building blocks to a strong security program.  

But even a strong program can be vulnerable to compromise.  This is where hiring the experts can help you defend against undetermined risk.

From security architecture to overall risk management, we can help identify smart areas for improvement!

Program Design

When Security and Privacy are the goal, compliance and regulations fall into place with less effort.

We can help design your program to ensure future success in years to come. 

We will work with your internal teams to develop meaningful policies that also achieve your compliance goals and keeps your important business processes working smoothly!

Compliance Preparation

Helping customers to prepare for certifications such as SOC2, PCI, HITRUST, and CMMC as well as maintaining compliance to industry regulations like HIPAA, FCRA, GLBA and GDPR.

We help companies to focus their effort and activities in the right areas so that the overall mission of security and privacy is successful, while compliance requirements are successfully met.  

Policy & Documentation

We can help organizations develop all the necessary policy, procedures and other technical documentation to meet the requirements of various compliance standards and regulations.  
Free up your employees so that they can work on the more company specific issues and offload some of the burden of technical writing!

Splunk Optimization

Do you already own Splunk?  Is your organization reaping the full benefit of your implementation?  Splunk is a powerful platform that can provide automated KPI reporting and solve all sorts of business problems, but significant expertise is required.  We can help your organization to maximize your Splunk investment.  

Process Automation

From custom API design, to network scripting and automation, we can add value to your operations by developing system to system communications.  


Through custom automation, many of the most challenging security issues can be solved, such as asset management, vulnerability management and access reviews.   

Work Force Security Training

Whether your looking for compliance related training or establishing new best practices around malware and ransomware protection, we can work with your employee base to educate and prepare them for a more secure way of doing business. 

Remote Office Security

With so many people working remotely these days, home security has been completely overlooked in many cases. We are working with our partners to develop secure practices and procedures around teleworking.  

Third Party Compliance

We can offload your team’s responsibility regarding third party security response, or the audit of third parties.  Let your employees spend their time on the things only they can do, so that they can do them well!  


3wSecurity is a cybersecurity company offering a wide range of services to Information Security Managers.  Using a risk-based approach, we are helping leaders to focus on what’s important, so that they can get a strong return on their security investments.  Services can be fully customized to meet the needs of their business. 



You may have heard the saying, “There is nothing new under the sun.”  This is true in a sense for information security.  As new standards, technologies and certification bodies are created, the challenges are often solved using the same practices and procedures.   
Our domain experts have proven models that can deliver success to your organization.  Our solutions are designed to help businesses solve complex and difficult problems that may otherwise take an organization years to develop and overcome.


Attack Surface Management

Understand your attack surface so that you can better defend your company’s internet presence and  digital assets.

On-Demand Pen-Testing

3wSecurity provides penetration testing on-demand, which allows testing of changes as they occur.

Managed Security Servcies

Managed Security Services allow small and mid-size businesses to establish a high quality security program while eliminating some of the employment related costs.